Friday, March 21, 2008


"Three going on Eight, " I said to the waiter who asked if we were celebrating a special anniversary. He smiled, "Wow, and your are spending it together."

I cut a sly glance to my beloved across the table. He winked. This year, we celebrate three years of marriage-- apart. You see, our anniversary is tomorrow, 22 March. We celebrated on Friday, 7 march because he had orders to a training school.

For eight years, we have celebrated only one anniversary together, physically: last year. I don't mind. You see, I am one of the "academy girlfriends" who ran the gauntlet, triumphed, and dragged him to Vegas. When we eloped to the wedding capital of the world, we were geo-baching. He lived on Cape Cod; I lived in MD. We both flew into Phila, flew out to Vegas, flew back to Phila, said goodbye. I boarded a plane southbound, and he northbound.

It never bothered me. I cherish the time we do spend together. He always sends me cards and a special gift; and likewise for me. For us military significant others, anniversaries are milestones, but we can always celebrate them, er, well, when the government lets us, right?

So, to all those "lonely hearts" on your anniversary: Happy Anniversary. Semper Paratus.


Mary said...

Happy Anniversary!

Come to think of it, for nearly 10 years between the forestry service and the Coast Guard, last year was our first year to actually spend it together, too.

This year, we'll be traveling across the country - him in the truck with the cat. Me on a plane with the kids.

You are so right, we do what we do and it doesn't make our love any less.

Amber said...

Happy anniversary!

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Isn't it, absence makes the anniversary gift grow bigger? ;)

I stopped counting the holidays, birthdays, and annivesaries apart. I didn't have that many fingers. LOL

Who I Am said...

Happy anniversary! Funny how we learn to not count on those special days being celebrated ON those special days.

Lainy said...

I've given my spin on the celebration of "smooshed" together holidays! We do what we can.
But, hey! HUGE congrats on making it through the academy, if you can last through those years you got it easy from here on out!
Happy Anniversary and many happy years to come. Congrats.