Friday, March 21, 2008

Friends in my flat panel

In this day and age, you will find couples who met online. Some people scoff while others relate. It's technology, we can't run from it, why not embrace it and make it a part of our lives? If the computer helps someone to meet their soul mate then that's their business.

Well, I say the same for many of my friends. A great number of them live within the reach of my PC. Their smiles are little yellow funny faces and their hugs are parentheses. My typing gets faster when I'm excited about news they just shared and it's quite when I reflect on a bad moment they are having. These, my friends, are just like me. They are sitting down at the computer to check email, scope out a new region for PCS purposes, schedule movers, send a sweet message to their deployed love. Technology is somewhat of a lifeline for us.

Not too long ago, I was on the phone with my aunt. I was telling her about this wonderful conversation I had with a good friend. She asked who and I tried to explain.

ME: She's a Coast Guard wife.

HER: How did you meet?

ME: We've never met actually.

HER: Well then how are you friends, she asked.

ME: We met online.

We are kindred spirits. It may sound trite, but we are family.

Here's to the military family that lives in your computer.


Amber said...

Thanks for being a friend in mine. <3

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Psst, that conversation with my aunt was about you. ;)

Amber said...

Get out! Awwww~ That's too much.

Christina Cope Anderson said...

This is going to sounds crazy, but when meeting an online friend, face to face, for the first time, I am wicked nervous. Like, wicked first date nervous. You have all these hidden expectations and you want to live up to your fullest potential. For me, my wit comes across more online than in person. And then I realize, um, yeah, you a friend. You love me no matter what-- we've been through it all. And then, I relax, enjoy the company and remember that in a true friendship, I can be myself, always.

Just a Girl in a Port said...

OMG! That's me too Christina. Here's to first-date jitters and us meeting soon. ;)

Olive Oyl said...

LOL I also get very nervous at first meetings. I know I am much more quiet than people expect, and chubbier. Also, I have 2 rows of teeth. Just kidding... about the teeth. there certainly is a stigma attached to internet friends. Noninternet folk just don't get it and I am always worried I'll be pegged "nerd" or "perv". Instead I just try to be vague and refer to such friends as "my old coast guard friend in Timbuktu told me..." That is one of the perks of such a mobile life, it's actually plausible I may HAVE a friend in Timbuktu! ;)