Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And, the Winner is....

Photo (B)

This is an original photo shot and submitted by JulieAnn! JulieAnn received the highest number of votes for her photograph. Congratulations, and enjoy your $10 gift certificate to Shutterfly.
Note from the winner:
The photograph is of "Hilo breakwater. We were stationed in Hilo, Hawaii, and I had just watched my husband's ship get underway. He had always talked about how glad he was the breakwater was there - it really did its job and on rough days, people would get seasick just after they passed the breakwater. That day was calm, and I love how glassy the water looks on the inside."
Thank you also to all of you who submitted photos for our inaugural photo contest. We hope you will continue to submit photos for this months and future contests. All the submissions were beautiful!
Photo (A) was submitted by The Flying Fish:
Photo (C) was submitted by Christina Cope Anderson:

Great photographs everyone! Thanks again.

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