Monday, June 2, 2008

Look: I'm Green and Bendy.

Bet you didn't know I could perform contortionist feats.
I usually tout the important of being flexible, but lately, I'm a little anti-gumby. We are on extension number 3 for something. "Grrrr" and "ugh" are some of my favorite words as of late. In fact, I think my children don't actually believe me that daddy is ever coming home because the date keeps changing. Yes, I know, bad, bad mom. I don't normally ever clue them in to a return date. That way, they don't get disappointed. Still, what was supposed to be a very short trip has turned into something else. Even the man in blue himself was surprised.
I apologize for the short post. I'm off to throw on my Super Coastie Wife cape and distract my brain and the children for the day. Wish me luck and please channel some energy that the tides will turn and things will fall into place.
Really, there's no reason he HAS to be home soon. I just miss him right now. Plain and simple.
Hey, at least I look good in green. ;)


Amber said...

Awww, man! I'm sorry, chickie.


Semper Gumby!

Julie & Captain said...

That stinks!

Semper gumby is right!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, when I am done with 20, I will have plenty of time @ home. I would imagine that I will have so much time @ home, you will want me to be gone on trips like this one. ;)

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Yeah, you're probably right my dear. Oh, and 20? What happened to 30? ;)

We miss you. Thanks for reading our blog. :)

Now, go do that Coastie thing that you do and come home safe to us soon.

Anonymous said...

That Coastie thing I do is on hold because I am too busy enjoying where I am. :)~

I might start back at it tomorrow....Sorry, had to sip my ice cold frosty...Diet Pepsi. Ha, anyway enough $hit talking, I am outta here.