Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Single Mommy" Daze

As a rule, I'm an organized person.  I am a listmaker, and enjoy having daily goals to meet.  I am a grocery shopping pro, and can go in, get the things I need, and depart with only those items in my bags.  Generally I am very focused and concentrating on the ever-expanding tally as things are rung up, ensuring that I paid the correct price for sale items.

I'm learning more and more that as a "boat wife", there is part of my brain that is not on task.  I'm not sure which part it is, exactly, but let me give you a little insight into yesterday.  ...and, as a reminder, my husband's boat is in drydock, so I have no idea when he'll be home next.  My mental affliction is sure to continue.

Thanking my lucky stars for USAA, and the early pending deposit, I loaded the children to run various errands.  Our first stop was the gas station, as my car was operating on fumes.  Fifty three dollars later (yes, we're hanging on under $4/gal), we head out to scope out a home for an incoming CG family.  I completely understand the stress of finding a home while you're thousands of miles away, but this family is OCONUS trying to find a decent pad in a good area, etc.  I was so happy to pay forward the help I'd gotten from fellow CG wives when we moved down here.

We then went to Target.  Oh, I might mention that I rearranged my living room furniture a few days ago.  I can feel you guys nodding in agreement.  Now that the living room feels better, there's a closet that's got my name all over it.  I picked up some Rubbermaid tubs and shelving, as well as the necessities like toilet paper and shampoo.  I luckily remembered my sister's birthday, and picked up a couple of cards.

On the way to my car, the shelving I'd purchased slid off the bottom rack of the cart, halting my progress, and nearly sending me airborne.  There's a steep incline, so when I'd try to move the box - while attempting to keep my five year old out of traffic - the cart would roll into me, and I was making NO progress at all.  Luckily a sweet lady held the cart still for me.  I thanked her, and continued in my haze to the car.  As I'm unloading, a Target employee comes rushing across the parking lot.  Wondering if the kids stashed a toy or something, I look up, as she hands me the bag containing the paper plates and birthday cards.  I walked off without picking them up.

It's becoming more and more obvious to me that shopping with my 5 and 2 year olds could be considered cruel and unusual punishment.  I think any criminal would rather sing like a canary than be forced to endure this torture.  Truly.  

I get to the grocery store and find the necessities.  Unfortunately, my neighborhood Winn-Dixie lost their generator in a storm a few days ago, so they were without about 70% of their cold foods.  There was nary a carton of skim milk.  *sigh*  I get to the checkstand and am about to pay, when I realize that I never handed the guy my discount saver's club whatever card thingy.

I seriously feel like my "normal" OCD shopping brain is somewhere among the pieces of ship strewn about the yards.  There's something about this "single mommy" business that makes me a different person!  I still have my mask - my brave face.  I'm doing pretty well with it.  Now I just need to get my brain in gear and on task.



Just a Girl in a Port said...

You are starting to sound more and more like me. I'm not quite sure if I'm glad for the company or if I feel bad for you. ;)

The FlyingFish said...

So, if I don't have kids, what do I use as my excuse, er... um..., reason? ;)