Thursday, August 28, 2008

So, what was that picture?

Did you figure it out? Was it obvious?

Yesterday's WW picture was a computer mouse. Here's another shot:

The man in blue was helping a fellow Coastie out, a reservist to be exact on Friday. You see that Coastie friend has a boss in the civilian sector who has a nephew who wants to join the Coast Guard. Still with me? Anyway, my husband said Bring him by the base, we'll show him around and talk about his questions and take him to see my buddy who's a recruiter. So, that they did.

The recruiter gave him a t-shirt and the above computer mouse. I think it's pretty cool, but wonder how much money is put into that stuff. I wonder what the recruiting advertising budget looks like. Of course, they have to be competitive and this kind of goes hand in hand with the kids of today, right? They are so much more technologically tuned in, then kids 10 and 20 years ago. So, perhaps a computer mouse is a fitting tchotchke.