Friday, September 5, 2008

My worst fear

Losing him. There, I said it. I would be lost without him. Truly: my world would crumble around me. I tear up just at the thought of a universe without him by my side: ever-loving, ever-caring, ever-believing. In light of last night’s great tragedy, I find myself both mourning for the families who lost their father, spouse, partner in life and desperately thanking each and every star that watches over my dearly beloved.

I try to act all tough: conquering the world each day at a time, busting through glass ceilings, standing up for what I believe in, evoking change where necessary and beneficial. True, it is a side of me I share most; but, my best friend- my husband- knows me best. I am a kid at heart, a sarcastic twit, a woman who cannot open a bag of chips, a devoted wife. Where would I be without someone to lift me up when I am down, cheer for me when I strive to excel, and love me with no boundaries.

I love my husband. I love him for the strength he gives me; for the way he makes me laugh; for the way he makes my heart flutter when he enters a room; for way he serves our great country.

I hold, dear to my heart, the sacrifice made by the men and women who serve our country. Young and old, married and single, driven and focused, these family members protect our shores, rescue the lost, defend our freedom.

But please—stars so bright—keep them (and mine) safe as they carry on the mission, mourning for those lost.

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