Thursday, October 30, 2008's Military Spouse of the Year - Voting Open

Well, ladies, and gents, it's time to vote for the Military Spouse of the Year for 2009. is hosting this contest, and the winning individual will be honored in Washington, D.C. on Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  There are nominees from every branch of the service.  Voting is open until noon on December 24, 2008.  At that point, the winning spouses from each branch will be narrowed down and there will be another round of voting for the winner.

Our very own ringleader is a nominee.  She is so selfless with her time and energy, as her husband so eloquently described in his nomination essay.  This blog is a drop in the bucket compared to what she has going on behind the scenes.  I believe that the work that Jenn has been doing, and the work of the Coast Guard Family Organization will benefit families for years to come.  

There are 10 nominees from each branch.  Each is special and generous in their own way.  I encourage you to read up on the nominees and cast a vote or two.  They allow you to vote more than once... Don't worry, I'm not encouraging anything inappropriate.  :)

On a personal note:
Thank you, Jenn, for all you do.  Thank you for your friendship, trust, and love.  You are an amazing person, and I am humbled by your generosity and vision.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of WFS and CGFO and the benefits that families will be able to receive as a result.  It is humbling to have a friend that truly makes a difference in the world.  

...and you do.


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