Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Do you have someone with you?"

Ah the joys of life when the hubby is on patrol.  I had to go to the doctor yesterday for some issues, and inevitably I ended up in the lab for some bloodwork.  I have a history of vasovagal episodes and yesterday was no exception.  

As I am trying to compose myself, the lab tech says, "Do you have someone with you?"  

*sigh*  No.  I don't.  I'm going at this one alone.  Thanks for reminding me.  

Of course she had no idea that it's been weeks since I last got a good night hug.  How could she have known that going to the doctor on my own ranks right up there with fighting a rodent invasion on the list of things I DON'T wanna do?

Thankfully I'm not completely alone.  I have friends locally, one of which graciously watched my two-year old for me while I was at my appointment.  I have friends all over the United States that have been there, done that, and redesigned the T-shirt.  Thanks to you ladies that are so generous with your love and support.  


Flo said...

Oh Amber I have/had those same moments when people ask where my "husband" is for doctor's appointments and social situations and even just running errands. It's a lonely feeling. On the very very bright side, you have people who love you and support you there until Stuart comes home, and that is one very reassuring feeling. Plus, I'm definitely here to lend an ear long distance whenever you need it.

Offroadjeepgrl said...

I know what you mean! I crashed my four-wheeler two weeks ago, and was promptly sent to the ER by my doctor. I HATE going to the hospital. I waited for 4 hours, endured x-rays of my whole body, a CT scan, and being poked and prodded on the more than foot long bruises on my leg... All without the husband. I NEVER cry, but alone in the tiny room, over hearing the nurse talk about possible blood clot this and check for brain bleeding that... I lost it. The nurse came back in and saw that I had tears on my cheeks and asked if I was crying because of the pain. I told her no, I just wished my husband was there with me to hold my hand. It's so hard to go through something that scary alone. But when it was over, with a fairly clean bill of health (and a THANK GOD for TRICARE!) I realized, it wasn't very nice to go through that alone, but I COULD if I had to.