Sunday, November 9, 2008

Perfect Plans Gone Awry

Three weeks ago, I parked my husband's truck on the pier, took the dog to the kennel, and had the house cleaned to perfection. You see, he was supposed to come home while I was away on business. I had laid out his favorite bottle of wine with a sweet note, arranged for a fellow boat wife to hand him his keys on the pier, and had created an eight page packet of directions for the kitchen and the dog-- including all the commands he has been taught in the past four months.

Three weeks later, that same boat wife hands me those same keys as she picks me up from the airport. I picked up the dog from the kennel and recycled that eight page packet upon returning to an empty, cold house, and an even lonelier bed.

As always, I tried to find the silver lining, as all of us wives do...

~ the house is clean
~ no dirty dishes in the sink
~ the dog is still trained correctly
~ the toilet seat was down

Day 109, and that silver lining is starting to tarnish, and I no longer have the will to polish it.


Amber said...

Oh, Christina, how disappointing! I'm so sorry. Hopefully your man in blue comes home with a polishing cloth for you soon.

Flo said...

Oh my god, I can't believe they're STILL out! You are the epitome of a trooper for getting through this, and my heart and mind are always with you. I know how disappointing this is, but I actually felt a little thrill when I thought about the fact that you could now attend his homecoming at the pier. Bring a camera so I can cry like a baby watching your reunion :)

I love you. We will have to talk soon because I have a fabulous story about Brad that will hopefully cheer you up. <3

The FlyingFish said...

Hey! You forgot that your plants were still alive, too!

It's been a while since a separation was so long for us, but I've been there, and I've come home to the empty house. It never gets better, but you do learn to just deal with it.

I hear there's a light at the end of the tunnel, though - hopefully it'll get REALLY bright sooner than later!!!