Friday, October 23, 2009

Supporting everyone on the homefront.

So, we here at Waiting for Ships are obviously proud of our men in blue. That doesn't mean we aren't quite proud of our women in blue as well. While we don't have a resident CG husband, we do support our brethren. We do recognize that not all Coast Guard spouses are women. In fact, a number of us have friends who are 'dependent' spouses of the male persuasion.

Okay, let me stop right there. We do have a contributing writer here who is part of a active duty duo. How she and her husband make it all work, amazes me. That being said, he probably would have some interesting insight on being married to a Coast Guards(wo)man. How the heck would one even write that? Am I just chauvinistic here? You'll have to excuse me, because I'd just as soon call everyone "Coast Guardsmen", regardless of gender, but I digress.

One of my husband's good friends and a friend of mine as well is a retired fellow. He now plays the role of spouse, if you will; supporting his diligently working active duty wife. In fact, we just had the pleasure of visiting them, and I continuously ribbed the guy about donning an apron and attending spouse luncheons. Truly though, that's not how it goes, but you knew that didn't you?

Just like us wives, the husbands live their lives. They support there loved ones in blue and maintain their own identity. Male or female, husband or wife, active duty or not, it all comes down to loving the one you are with and respecting their choices, careers, talents, dreams, and so on.

To all you guys out there who wonder where the blog or website is about you, it's right here. We may be a bunch of crazy, silly, witty (I hope) women, but we have the same concerns and plights as you. We deal with the issues about how to tame the yard while chasing a toddler and your spouse is underway. We battle over the t.v. remote when our spouse is in port. We even argue about which one of us is a better BBQ expert.

Yes, even we stylish and bon-bon eating, high-heel wearing girly-girls ;) can PCS cross-country solo; burp the alphabet at a beer-drinking contest at the All Hand's Club (come on I can name a few); conquer WOW; and even change a flat tire (as long as we don't mussy up the manicure). You see, it's not about being a girl or a guy, it's about being a Coast Guard spouse. We adapt and mature as the ebbs and flows of this life bring us through both tough and smooth waters.

More to come on that, and if anyone wants to pipe in on what you want to read about pertaining to male spouses, let us hear it. We want everyone to feel welcome here.

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