Friday, May 7, 2010

The Friday Before Mother's Day

Today is Friday. As we prepare to recognize, or in some instances remember, the special maternal figure in our lives, there is additional recognition due today. On May 23, 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared the first Military Spouse Appreciation Day in recognition of the sacrifice and commitment of spouses and their vital role in the well-being and readiness of our military members. It was later standardized to be recognized each year on the Friday before Mother's Day.

There are many military spouses who have made a difference in my life, and continue to do so today. I don't come from a large military family, but I do have quite an extensive Coast Guard family. I appreciate every virtual hug, pat on the back, kind word, prayer, positive thought, and laugh that I have received from spouses all over the world. I appreciate my fellow contributors here for bringing the glamorous life that is being involved in the military to the masses.

I also am thankful to BE a military spouse. Over the past five-and-a-half years, I have learned that I can be independent. I can deal with things that to many civilian counterparts would seem daunting and impossible. For instance a cross-country move 2 days after getting out of the hospital...And a DITY at that! We were able to do it with the help, support, and love of many fellow military families. One who even took the biggest plunge to ride in the car with me and my 2 kids from the Gulf Coast all the way to New Jersey.

For the ones who are home with the kids while their husband or wife is deployed, and wondering if or how they'll make it, for the ones who are knee deep in PCS mania, for those who are just trying to make sense of all the lingo (DITY, PCS, and TLE, oh my!), please know that today you are appreciated. Today is the day for the country to stop and consider the service that the "Guardians of the Homefront" offer to the well-being and readiness of our spouses who bravely serve our country every day. Thank you for every stitch sewn trying to get a uniform inspection ready, for every tear you've brushed off your child's cheek or your own, for every sleepless night longing for nothing more than a hug, for each lunch you pack, vacation you reschedule again, and holiday you spend alone. The sacrifices that you make matter - both to your spouse - and on a much bigger scale - to the United States of America.

So whether you've gotten the packages in the mail for Mother's Day or not, take time today to bask in the glory of being a military spouse. Okay, maybe not glory, but at least try to get a nice dinner or big hug out of it. If nothing else, know that we here at Waiting for Ships understand and appreciate you.


C Anderson said...

Here, here. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Amber! I'm tearing up reading this. It's so great to be recognized <3