Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July friends.

Our friends back east are probably gearing up to start some fireworks within the next couple of hours. Here on the west coast, we still have a long way to wait for that this evening.

Today, the family and I enjoyed touring the downtown area of our new hometown. We are thrilled to have our home's belongings with us now after our lengthy PCS. Things are starting to return to normal as they take time to do after a PCS. Once the man in blue officially returns to work and we have a rhythm going I hope to be back on here far more frequently and updating you all on my super fascinating extra mundane life. I know how much you have likely missed my ridiculous ramblings. Oh, you haven't? See, and here I thought I was the center of the universe. Oh, wait, correction again, that's in Wallace, Idaho. Really.

We stopped in on our PCS. You should check it out. Funny little thing about PCS trips, you never know what you will learn or where you might end up visiting that you never knew existed.

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