Sunday, August 15, 2010

Me oh my, it's August! It's the season for change.

Where or where has this summer gone already? Well, I suppose it's no surprise that it whipped by for me with the PCS and all. We are enjoying our new digs right now. Starting to miss "home" a little bit. Of course, we are keeping ourselves quiet busy with so much to do here. The kids are over their home sickness for the most part, thanks to new friends and the understanding this is how the Coast Guard is supposed to work and that rotation of billets and transferring from familiar units is a good thing.

I will say that I am a bit sad these days though because no matter where we live I hear the same thing. Why am I sad? Because so many people are saying (yet again [aka as always]) that there are is no support system for the USCG and its members' families. My dear friend recently battled with this and you know what she is doing something about it. I won't divulge too much here, but I will just say she's forging ahead to see change come to fruition.

That's what we have to do. If we want change, we have to make it happen. I read something last year on a blog from a spouse where she said she didn't want to have to be resourceful that the Coast Guard should just hand us our resources like the DOD appears to do with its programs. Well, I'll be. Is she serious? I try not to come across high and mighty, though I know it may seem that way sometimes, but come on woman get a grip. Does everything in your life just come to you? Sheesh!

Yes, it stinks, it more than stinks, that we as spouses/dependents have to search and branch out sometimes to find programs for us. However, I've said this before and I will keep saying it, there is support out there. You have Work Life, use it. It's more than EAP. Outside of that you have Coast Guard Family Organization, Coast Guard Foundation, and so much more including your local spouse associations. If your needs aren't being met, shout out! Do something. Contact these groups/organizations and light a fire. Heck, light a fire yourself and get things rolling to see change. Don't be the person in the back of the room to passive aggressively belittle what the USCG does or does not do for us. You have to be heard, that's the way things happen.

So, it's August.  I'm fired up. I'm making changes. My friends and colleagues are making changes and setting wheels into motion. What are you doing? If you are sitting by twirling and umbrella in your drink in the summer sun, and you want to contemplate change, to whom would you to make your suggested changes? Let us know here at Waiting for Ships.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I am very happy that the area that we are in now is so much more dense with military families...where we were before, you really had to try to make friends that shared your same circumstances, but here I am very lucky to have a community that has lots of other wives and families ready and willing to show me the ropes of what's free or practically free to do to keep baby girl occupied and to navigate the Naval Base....kind of...etc etc. Before, I was one of the only wives that had the balls to reach out and make my own connections like you speak of. But here, it's so refreshing to have a whole community of go-getters. It's great!

I think what's most important (and I told a newer coastie wife this today actually) is that you cannot be afraid to say hello, to reach out to people in your new community....whether is is a fellow military spouse or the person behind you at church, or the checkout person at the store. Just say hello, make a little'll find that you'll feel more like you belong there just by acting like you do. And lots of times, you can make some great connections like that! You just have to get over that initial shy-ness factor and go for it!