Sunday, November 28, 2010

CGFO kicks off 2011 Scholarship Fund Drive

In 2009, CGFO awarded its first academic scholarship to a spouse of an active duty Coast Guard member. That fortunate first year's winner was Tracy F. a well deserving, altruistic spouse stationed, at the time, in Puerto Rico. In 2010, CGFO awarded its the second scholarship to highly motivated and charitable spouse Kimberly G. of Virginia. In 2011, we hope to award even more in scholarship funds to yet another CG spouse.

RANDOM Giveaway-Donations made November 28th through December 10th (in any denomination) will be entered in a special holiday random giveway for a Coast Guard CAMOSOCK generously donated by our friends at Terk Designs, LLC, for this fundraising drive.

CGFO is a Massachusetts and Oregon nonprofit corporation. All donations are done as a gift and considered to be the free will and act of the donor. Pursuant to Section 6113 of the Internal Revenue Code, please note that donations/gifts are not tax deductible at this time as CGFO is not yet a 501(c)(3) organization. However, CGFO encourages you to discuss any and all donations you make each year with your tax advisor for information on how to address your charitable donations. CGFO is a corporation run by a Board of volunteers and is not officially endorsed, supported or sanctioned by the USCG, DHS or any other federal entity. In appreciation and for transparency, donors names may be listed on a donor list annually, however, donors can choose to remain anonymous, please ensure to note that you wish to remain anonymous when making your donation, if that is your choosing. We respect the privacy of our donors and will not share information relating to address, phone numbers or payment method with the public or any third party unless it is required for CGFO tax purposes. CGFO will only list the donors names on our donation list.

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