Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy St. Birster Day!

Huh? Didn't know there was a St. Birster, did you? Well in my family there may even be a Annimombirtorial day this year, but if we're lucky we'll skip the production of Birthankmas it's just way too demanding.
Totally confused? Let me help you out a bit.
We don't like to skip holidays around here, but we tend to make them happen when we're all here, it's funner that way. So, Jon is making a trip underway for the next 3 or 4 weeks and is missing St. Patricks' Day, our daughter's birthday and Easter. So, Voila! St. Birster Day is born. In May we've got chaos reigning supreme so it will be a mass celebration of our 10th anniversary, Jon's birthday, Mother's day and Memorial weekend. And while it's not the norm we have had to throw together my birthday, thanksgiving and Christmas...the birthankmas I mentioned above that's just way too much work.
It's really kind of fun, but I have to admit I dream of a time when we'll actually get to celebrate holidays and special days on the actual date. No muddling with the calendar to figure when an acceptable substitute would be for Thanksgiving. Oh, and trust me there is nothing like trying to find the perfect corned beef in February, that was a real challenge.
So, our daugher is actually still two for another two weeks, but she thinks she's three. She blew out the candles last night so she thinks it's a done deal. And I'm certainly not going to be the one to try to explain the nuances of that situation. Can you even imagine? Heck, I try to avoid all explanations with anyone whose favorite words are "mine" and "why".
We've done it like this for years and years. It just kind of falls together now. David got a bit whiney about Thanksgiving a few years ago, so we ended up celebrating it twice- once with Daddy in mid-December and once with just the two of us. Well, that started us down a whole other path- multiple celebrations of a single day. I try not to do that very often...except for birtdays; who can say "no" to extra birthday cake?!
So, to all my fellow coastie families out there, a very merry "Happy St. Birster Day" to you all!

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Just a Girl in a Port said...

Well Happy Birthday to K! I love the way you all celebrate. Sounds wonderful.