Thursday, March 6, 2008

You know you are parenting a Coastie kid when…

My children, sweet and crazy as they can be, melt my heart and make me giggle every day. Even on the tough days when nothing is going right, they give me reason to reflect on what is actually a wonderful life. Over the years, the little ones have come up with some pretty cute stuff. I remember once my oldest asked me, Is daddy going to save fish or catch them? Perhaps she’s watched Nemo one too many times. She just associated water with fish and assumed that all boats were fishing boats. After explaining (sort of) what he actually did on the ship, she was less enthused with daddy’s job.

She’s a little older now. She picks up on stuff. She hears things and notices the littlest mentions—conversations that are filled with acronyms and schedules and mundane details about advancement. One would think it was way over a child’s head, but they are quite spongy those tiny brains.

Every now and then she has an imaginary friend that surfaces—especially when daddy is gone. She starts to take on the “mommy role” and her friend is like daddy, but not quite him. The resemblances are remarkable, but she has assured me that his name is Zac and daddy’s is not. Anyway, the other day during play I heard her say to her sister, Zac called. He’s on the 6-boat. I did a double-take. Honey, what did you just say? She responded, with exasperation, I said he’s on the 6-boat. Well, excuse me. She then went on to say, You know, one of the boats in the Coast Guard. How silly of me.

The ironic piece, my husband isn’t even attached to that particular cutter right now. I don’t even remember the last time my husband used that name to reference the ship. Oh, and if you are wondering what the famed 6-boat is: click here.

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