Monday, April 14, 2008

A Great Opportunity

The application period is now open for spouses wishing to apply for the NMFA Fellowship in Accredited Financial Counseling. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your horizons and potential for future employment in a very portable career field.

To complete accreditation recipients need to complete two courses and successfully pass two tests. They must also complete between 400 and 2000 hours in practicum experience. The practicum hours can be in one-on-one counseling, attending or leading classes and workshops, writing articles, etc.

I was honored to receive one of the fellowships last year and it's been a great experience so far. I spend a lot of time working with families from the group and putting together classes. It's been extremely rewarding. I would encourage any spouses who are interested or who have experience in finance or counseling fields to consider pursuing this opportunity.

To find out all the details about the fellowship program and to access the application visit the NMFA at:

And if any Coastie spouses receive a fellowship this year, I'd love to hear from you! Good luck to all who apply.

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Who I Am said...

Do you know if they accept anyone that doesn't really have experience, but has the education? Read: MBA.