Friday, April 18, 2008

Nautical Photo Contest


Truly, my photos aren't anything to ooo and ahhh over (though I sure do enjoy them--I'm so humble). However, I know that many of you out there have beautiful nautical photos to share. In fact, I've seen many on your blogs.

And, what shall the grand prize be?

The winner will, that will have to be determined.

Ok, so if you have a photo that you'd like shared on this and entered in to our contest, please email it in jpeg format to


One photo per person only. We will need your email address and just your first name. Of course, you are welcome to share any more information you wish about yourself and please note that we will not steal your copyright and we will honor your privacy. However, I'd like to at least share with our readers the following:

  • Your photo in jpeg (obviously)

  • Your first name/handle

  • Your general location

  • Eligible persons can be any contributor and/or reader

  • Submit this first photo by April 30th

So, if you are up to the challenge and ok with all that, please submit your best/favorite nautical photo.

It doesn't have to be totally CG related. It can be anything nautical.

If this is successful and fun for all, maybe we can make it a monthly or quarterly thing.

More to Come

We will be producing a calendar, so if you are a participant in this contest and don't win, but would like your photo featured in a calendar be sure to let us know that as well and how you would like to be noted as photographer (i.e. Jane Smith or Jane's Photos on the Waterfront, etc.)


Amber said...

Any contributor EXCEPT Flo, because she will surely win. ;) Just kiddin'! I love seeing your pics.

Great idea!!!!

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Yeah, tell me about it. She's an incredible photographer, isn't she. Sorry, Flo, you can't join in. LOL just kidding.

Should we have a poll and the public votes?

By the way, I'm not participating, because, well that would be a conflict of interest. LOL

Becca and Jason said...

Good thing I'm not an actual contributor - just a reader. I'm gonna smoke ya all!