Friday, April 11, 2008

Murphy's Law strikes again

Murphy's Law - if anything can go wrong, it will

Murphy's Law for CG families - if anything can go wrong, it'll happen while Daddy's gone

I got a phone call yesterday from my Dad.  I hadn't talked to him in a week or so, and I knew we'd be talking for a while.  The kids were in the computer room, my five year old playing a computer game.  His little brother watching in amazement.  I wanted to get some things done, so I had the cordless and was picking up a few things in the living room while listening to Dad.

I hear a muffled, "ouch.  Ouch.  OWWWCH!"  I figured a finger was caught in something, or he'd reached in a drawer and his hand was stuck.  My two year old has a serious raccoon complex.  Once he grabs hold of something that sparks his interest, he's not letting go.

I am still talking to my dad and take a step down the hall when I see it.  Paper.  On his face?  What is that in his hand?

Oh, crap.  He found the Super Glue!?!

Let me say that any time I am looking for Super Glue, I cannot find it.  Ever.  This particular time, the Super Glue was still in the cardboard package, in the bottom of a drawer in the computer room.  Apparently he got bored watching brother play the game.

The glue was on his lip, on his tongue, on his fingers.  He had bit into the tube.  There were two very distinct teeth marks.  I didn't panic, though I would've liked to.  I REALLY would've liked to.  

I got as much off his face as I could.  Why he decided to try to eat a piece of paper after puncturing the glue, I'll never understand.  I got the glue and paper off his tongue, and got as much off his lip as I could.  As it dried and got crusty, he was able to pick it off his face and fingers.

My dad was on the line still asking questions, as a grandfather would.  "He didn't get it near his eyes, did he?  Did he swallow it?  Is his tongue stuck to his teeth?"  I guess it could've been worse.  

When my now five year old was two, he stuck a piece of cereal up his nose while my husband was in A-school.  It was WAY up his nose, but I was able to successfully extract it once it got soggy using a nasal aspirator.

When my husband was in boot camp, I was reaching for something on the floor and got a large piece of glass in my leg from a broken pub glass.  I thought all the glass had been cleaned up, but the gash and glass in my leg proved otherwise.  Around this same time my son got bit by a fire ant on his eyelid, swelling his eye shut for a few days.

Oh, so back to yesterday...For some reason my two year old wouldn't nap yesterday afternoon.  I hoped that meant he'd go to bed early.  I got my wish, but not exactly the way I'd envisioned it.  He fell asleep at the dinner table at 6:00.  I moved him to the sofa and tried to rouse him around 7:00.  No such luck.  I took a call for work and got off around 11:40.  I thought I was in the clear and he'd just sleep through the night.  Talked to the hubby before his liberty expired, told him good night and that I was going to go get some sleep.

Guess who woke up?  At midnight.  Wide eyed and bushy tailed.

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Just a Girl in a Port said...

I can appreciate that. I can SO appreciate that. Oh my! What a day. I hope he's ok. He didn't tear his skin at all did he? Poor little guy. Poor mom!

He and B would have quite a time together. I can see the two of them causing all sorts of trouble together. Maybe it's a good thing you and I live so far apart. LOL