Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You bought what?

A lighthouse? You bought a lighthouse? If I was Bonnie Jurewicz, of Virginia, I would probably be bugged-eyed and near fainting asking that question.

Well, her husband did just that. He recently purchased Thimble Shoal Lighthouse for the modest price of $65k. Wow! Can you imagine? As much as I love lighthouses, I’m not sure I’d want that responsibility. What upkeep they must require.

The complete story is available on, but here’s just a bit for you:

“In October 2005, Jurewicz and several other prospective bidders took a Coast Guard-sponsored tour of the Thimble Shoal Lighthouse in Norfolk, Va., in advance of the online auction. It had been 41 years since the lighthouse was occupied.

"I remember going through the basement with the commander from the Coast Guard, it being really dark … and stumbling over what looked like round balls of cotton rags, about the size of a softball," he says. "Turns out they were actually seagull carcasses."

The Thimble Shoal Lighthouse started service in 1914, sitting 3½ miles off the coast of Hampton, Va. Still lit, but mostly unused, the structure looks like a relic of the Industrial Age, a function-over-form, dark red pushpin sticking out of the ocean.” (Abos, 2008 Apr 2).

Fortunately for my pocketbook, my favorite lighthouse is not for sale. I might just be tempted. ;)

Alright, so this post isn't truly CG wife related, but it begs the question, what odd or extravagant purchase has your beloved made? Maybe he was off at training somewhere or enjoying some time on a far off island. Did he surprise you with some beautiful pearls or warn you of a boat that would be shipped to your address soon?
Bring on the stories. I’m dying to know.


Lainy said...

While I haven't been the recipient of anything horribly extravagant, I do love to see what Jon manages to bring home from his travels. Once he salvaged a bed frame from a lighthouse that was being de-commed up in the lakes, it's a beauty, I had to do a ton of work to it, but it's now a quilt rack in our living room. And he always gets some great goodies for the kids; this spring he brought Kathryn a pink komono and pink brocade shoes- she wore that outfit for the better part of two weeks.

Christina Cope Anderson said...

Alright (rolling up my sleeves), time to come clean. We have a funny tradition. My dear husband goes to a Hooters in almost each port call. He always buys me the souvenir shirt: I have one from NYC, Kona, Boston, you get the idea...

They are my workout shirts. I love them. He is blowing off steam in a portcall, enjoying the wings (er, right, the wings!) but still thinks of me as he pays his tab.