Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adjusting to "boat life"

While I certainly had my doubts about boat life, and whether I had the necessary "brave face" that I hear talk about, I've been adapting pretty well, I think.  It's not so hard to clean the house the way I want it cleaned with just myself and the kids.  There are no attempts from the boys to play one parent off the other.  The boys have fallen right into our daily routine, and I'm glad about that.  

There's a minor kink.  Daddy doesn't know our routine.  In fact, I'd venture to say that my dear hubby is having a little bit of a hard time adjusting.  Not adjusting to the boat so much - he digs being out and is finding his sea legs.  He isn't adjusting to the home version of boat life.

When Dad is home, the boys play him like a FIDDLE.  We end up with more toys, movies, and snacks than we should EVER.  If I tell them no, they run to Daddy.  If they anticipate that I'll say no, they ask Dad first.  I am confident that, while they are slowly draining every ounce of life from me, I probably have the advantage on the kiddo front.  I'm familiar with the new games, new words, and advances.  I know that DS1 can get his own glass of water now.  DS2 0nly needs his apple cut into 4 pieces and cored, instead of peeled, cored, and sliced into 8 pieces.  

When he's home, the amount of housework multiplies by about 17.  Maybe he brings the crew in when I'm not looking.  Or a frat house.  Every dish is dirtied.  Every glass, plate, fork and spoon.  This is funny, since he wants to eat out for 60% of the meals.  The toilet paper disappears, and ice trays normally full apparently evaporate.  The vacuum, normally run once or twice a day, doesn't get run because I "can do that tomorrow".  

There are plenty more differences in my normal routine compared to when he's here.  Not all are bad.  ;)

I do have a little sympathy.  I can't imagine being away from my boys for weeks at a time.  I guess, too, that he's pretty much understanding what it's like to be tied to your job physically for 24 hours at a time.  (I just don't get the advantage of port calls.)  

I have no idea what it feels like to go to a "home" that I've spent less time in than the boat I'm on.  My husband has told me that he loves our house and where we live, but it's hard to feel like it's home yet.  He feels like a visitor because he didn't have time to get settled in here before getting underway.  

I must say, even with the upheaval of Daddy's return and subsequent departure, I sure do treasure the days he's able to be here.  The days we're not a "boat family", but a family thoroughly enjoying one another.


Just a Girl in a Port said...

I tell my DH all the time how clean the house is when he's away. He doesn't believe it. It's true though, I have one less person to pick up after, fewer dishes and way more time to clean my way. I completely get what you are saying.

Despite it's disadvantages, it does seem like YOU are doing fantastic with this boat life. I only hope you guys get to experience home life a little more soon. That's got to be tough on your DH.

Tigerlilly said...

I agree, you are doing fantastic! I love reading your stories Amber, the way you lay things out is always so vivid and descriptive :)