Monday, May 5, 2008


Without further ado, the following photos are presented to you for voting. Keep in mind they are in no particular order. Aren’t they all fabulous? We have some great photographers in our audience. Thank you to these three contestants for submitting their work to our inaugural photo contest.

Feel free to leave comments, but remember in order to vote, you must vote in the right side bar. Once the winner is chosen the first name/handle of each photographer will be announced along side their photo. The corresponding number is above it's photo.






We respect the privacy and copyright of our photographers and ask you to do so as well. These photos are not for distribution, copy or commercial use. They belong solely to their respective owner who maintains copyright privileges. Thank you for your cooperation to this end.
Voting will conclude on May 20th.
The winner will be announced no later than May 23rd.


Amber said...

Wow! Thanks for contributing! Can't wait to see the results of the voting~

Matt said...

Is there anyway to see photos B and C full size like photo A? All the pictures are great!

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Let me see if I can fix that Matt. For some reason, even though they are all in the same format, it's not allowing the viewing as a bigger photo. I may have to enter them each as their own individual post. Hang on....

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Apparently, it is not going to cooperate. I may have the powers that be here (our dear Amber, the wise techy that she is) give it a whack.

My best guess is that it could have something to do with the type of camera that was used to shoot the photo. Don't quote me on that. I'm just guessing.We'll keep working on it for you though.

Matt said...

It's ok if nothing can be done about the sizes, its just that the 2nd and 3rd pics are pretty nice pictures too, and I would love to see the 3rd on blown up. I still voted on the pics too!

Ryan R. Erickson said...

My vote is for (B), the color contrast from Port to Starboard (oh yes I'm salty!) is wonderfully...