Sunday, August 3, 2008

Look at that tumbleweed.

Did you see that roll by? It's a ghost town around these parts this summer. Well, it would appear that we have readership though. In fact, we just went over 5,000 visits to our lovely little blog. Not too shabby bad, eh? Especially given that we started a mere 6 months ago and no one really cares what spouses have to say. ;)

Honestly, we have things going on behind the scenes folks. Our website will be updated in the next two weeks with some fun and exciting stuff. So, keep your eyes open and check back.

Until then, let me share a snippet of my life.

The man in blue is away again. The children are running amok requiring me to partake in some badly needed PT as I chase them down. I'm plotting my list of household jobs to attack on this trip. Months ago I swore I was going to finish updating our kitchen while he was deployed, but priorities were all fumbled up. Needless to say, the kitchen still calls me and it's not looking pretty folks. So, wish me luck this week as I finish removing wallpaper and repaint another wall. I'm not sure if I will get to much more as the wainscoting may be more than I bargained for. Let's just say I'm not that handy. Lucky husband, he'll have something to do when he comes home.

Oh, shoot the baby is calling me. I've got to run. Stay tuned readers and if you have something you want to see written about (within reason), let us know.

Happy upcoming CG day! Oh, well see, there I have something to write about tomorrow, don't I?


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Amber said...

Wow! 5000? Get on outta here!

Be on the lookout for updates to our existing pages, too. The more comfortable I get with things, the better (I hope) they'll be.