Friday, August 29, 2008

Mowing the lawn and then some

I lead a green lifestyle. My mower is a standard push mower: without the engine. As a new home owner on an island that receives more rain than I have freckles (and I have A LOT OF SPOTS), I was, er, um, optimistic about how well I could tend front, back, and side lawns with my better half gone for nearly six months each year.

So, my little 120 behind got real mad one day, and I mowed the lawn to burn off some steam. Boy: did that work out well. I have a neatly trimmed lawn, and I curbed my anxiety.

Well, then I got a wee bit more optimistic.

How about laying a stone walkway from the driveway to the front door?
How about painting the front door red: inside and out?
How about marking the edge of the lawn with large boulders?
How about sprucing up that mailbox?

So, I took off a Friday afternoon of a long, holiday weekend, and I labored. I cleared the weeds and gravel from the front walk to make room for a liner. I obtained a bid from a local painter to decorate our door. I lined half the front lawn with boulders-- only to realize that I had come up short (not enough rock, ironically). And so, by the time I looked at the mailbox, I realized that each of the other projects only completed half way: I should probably stop there.

And so, I made my way to the back lawn, and had a picnic on my organic produce, and just enjoyed the sunshine. The reality: I really need his help with some of these big projects. So...with my She-Ra boots thrown in the closet and gardening gloves retired to the garage shelf: I am spent and need help.

Life of a Boat Wife

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Just a Girl in a Port said...

Well, you are certainly a wise woman. You know when to ask for help. The problem is, I'm all the way over here and you are there, so I can't run to your aid. Of course, I don't know how much help my little butt would be lugging rocks for you. Rumor has it that I have some guns though from toting small people around.

I will say that Mr. Freckles is going to return home to one squared away abode. He may not even feel needed. Sounds like you are working your tail off.

Much love to ya'. Oh, and put your feet up and have a drink. It's on me.