Monday, September 29, 2008

Gratitude: Part II

Seeing my counterpart's post prompted me pay homage to the MWR here in Kodiak and elsewhere. As I enter the final weeks of the patrol that never ends, I find myself seeking out distractions and ways to enjoy all that Alaska has to offer.

Over the past few months, I have used the gym, the pool, attended MWR sporting events, and walked past the boathouse. Until this weekend. A friend, who had passed the small craft driving test and was licensed to operate one of the small boats, offered to take me halibut fishing. At no cost, except for gas and bait, two friends and I checked out three rods, weights, and a boat. As we navigated through the channel, I felt refreshed at the sight of fall coloring our mountain sides. For a few, brief hours, we fished, marveled at the old bunkers on Woody Island, and strained our eyes looking for whales. It was just the escape I needed. Yes, I thought of how much my husband would enjoy this outing, but in the serenity of the waters around us, I imagined what our outing would be like-- together.

Like Amber, I am grateful for the USCG. It provides my beloved and me with an opportunity to live in Alaska. AND it gives us the freedom to experience an Alaskan lifestyle. Despite how long I have to wait until we can start this Alaskan life together, I am proud of my husband, his fellow crew, and the stellar MWR here in Kodiak-- and elsewhere.

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Amber said...

I'm really glad you are getting to experience and appreciate Kodiak. I hope you're able to share your appreciation with your love soon.