Saturday, September 27, 2008


There are so many tragic things happening lately.  Watching from the sidelines as a family deals with the end of their daughter's journey, the Coast Guard mourning the loss of a crew, horrible things happening in the economy, along with the things that always make me cringe at the thought of watching the news.  I've been feeling a little glum, and honestly have been frustrated with parts of the CG life in the last few months.  

Generally speaking, I'm more of a glass is half full kind of gal, but I've developed a leak in my glass or something.  As such, I think it's important sometimes to take a look at the good things in life.  Specifically today, the good things that life as a Coast Guard family offers.  Some are a little tongue-in-cheek, so be prepared.

I am SO thankful for Tricare.  Honestly.  I had to take my little guy to the doctor this week, and it's the last few days of a pay period.  If I'd had to worry about copay PLUS prescription, or worse, no health coverage at all, I wouldn't have been able to take him in.  Thankfully, also, the pediatrician I took him to was fabulous and so attentive.  Great overall experience.  We are so fortunate to receive the health benefits that we do.

The pay, er, hiccups we've experienced over the last few months have kept life interesting, to say the least.  However, I know we CAN make it on less if we have to.  It taught me how to search out better deals and shopping options in a new area.  I have gotten my family used to eating out rarely, if at all, and we spend lots of quality time at home, with gas prices and little extra money.

My husband being gone more than 80% of the time we've lived here has taught me SO much.  I am thankful to know that I can do it.  I can.  It's not easy.  It's not always fun.  I've learned how to take care of myself.  I've learned how to fend for myself.  I knew how to get around town better than my anal-retentive navigator husband yesterday.  I wouldn't have been able to do that without him being gone the last few months.  

I have mentioned on numerous occasions that I am so thankful for the friends that I have met as a result of this life.  We are one big Coast Guard family.  It is an honor to be part of a group that is not large in number, but more than makes up for it in grace, compassion, and love.  
I am thankful for the impact that being in the Coast Guard has had on my marriage.  If you recall, when my husband first went underway, I was so worried about us losing "us".  We are still, though, as much of a team, and appreciate each other even more at times because of this experience.  

I know this is not exactly a textbook "Reasons to Love the Coast Guard" submission, it is true.  I am thankful for the adventure that is being a Coast Guard wife.

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Just a Girl in a Port said...

Isn't there such sad news lately? It's heartbreaking.

I think we all get a crack in our glass now and again. At least the ground is relatively firm and you don't drop the glass as you walk. Of course, this life can sometimes exaggerate things though and you feel like you are living on a fault line too.

to be cont'd....