Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So, what does he do?

Some civilian guys asked me the other day what the man in blue does. They were really in awe about the various things the Coast Guard does and jobs that are to be had. Despite the fact that one of these guys used to live ridiculously close to a CG base, he had little knowledge of the mission, positions and personnel in the CG. Weird, huh? Okay, maybe not.

I attempted to share my knowledge with these guys. The thing that cracked me up the most was that they couldn't seem to grasp the idea of any size ship being gone for 2-3 months at a time. They questioned refueling, food, etc. When I explained a bit on that. One replied with, "Oh, so they really aren't away from land that long. I guess it's not that tough."

Did that make you laugh? Did you roll your eyes? Or do you just hate statements like that?

Yeah, deployments are a walk-in-the park, I wanted to say. Sheesh.


Amber said...

A little eye roll. You know, like the one that you do internally when you're talking to the retired Navy butcher that gives you crap about having been in the "REAL Navy", as opposed to the CG.

*eyeroll and sigh*

Julie and Captain said...

oh gosh, try being in another country and trying to explain what he does to relatives. No, he's not a LIFE GUARD, and no, he's not in the Navy (or on NCIS). And NO, he doesn't jump out of helicopters like Ashton - but close...


C Anderson said...

Oh yeah, cause Russia, Japan, and China are a commutable distance from the Bering Sea. Sure, they're home every other weekend to refuel.