Saturday, October 18, 2008

Before he deploys.

When my beloved, the man in blue, is about to leave, I prepare mentally and emotionally. I gush. Simply put, I get mushy. Well, I try anyway. He has a tendency to start distancing himself a bit. Not all the time, but there have been occasions. Of course, as many of you know, this is not uncommon. In fact, some guys/gals will pick fights just in the days leading up to a deployment because they theorize that it will make it easier to leave. I don't know about you, but if my guy left and we weren't on good terms, I would feel kind of funny. Not funny ha ha, but just weird you know. I guess I'd be uneasy, even feeling as though it was a bad omen.

Anyway, when he's about to get ready to travel for a short or even long period, I try to make the most of our moments together. Since we have children, I think it's important for them too. While we maintain normalcy so as not to upset their schedule to much, I try to make sure we do some fun and special stuff right before Daddy leaves. That way, they aren't so anxious about him going because they are enjoying the time up to the departure date and they will have a nice memory to enjoy until he returns home.

Now, don't get me wrong, we don't go all out and do crazy stuff like a whirlwind vacation or anything. Rather, we just enjoy a family movie night or special trips to the park more frequently. We may even get a cake or bake some cookies to celebrate whatever with Daddy.

As I type this, I know of a friend who is right at this very moment awaiting for hubby to get underway really, really soon. What's she doing, you may ask. She's on the computer.

So help me out here folks--send her virtual advice---get off line girl and get in his arms!

Of course, maybe he's playing Guitar Hero or something. If that's the case, all bets are off, carry on with your online stuff. ;)


The FlyingFish said...

Don't knock the gettin'-ready-to-leave fight, lady! Of course, we always patch stuff up before one or the other goes, but it was rough in those first few years! Trading patrols between a 270 and a 210 usually meant VERY short periods of time in the same place. And yet, we'd do that arguing thing almost every time! Ah, defense mechanisms - aren't they great!?!
You're right, though, leaving on those terms would've been terrible. So one of us would usually "smack" the other, we'd figure out what we were doing, and then enjoy the last few days together. (Just as a certain someone should be doing right now....)
These days, the separations are much shorter, and usually the spouse left behind is actually still at the house when the leaver gets back, but we still take some time together before we go - a day off to just hang, or a dinner out that last night. It's good to take the time to reconnect before we're forced apart again.

Amber said...

I'm telling you, this friend of yours happens to have a two year old that completely lives up to the "TERRIBLE TWOS". Also, I had to cover the important stuff today, like having my darling man touch up my roots. LOL.

Trust me. There's never enough snuggling time. Never. We'll get in as many moments as we can. There's still some time. Right now, snuggling with a fussy two year old trumps clingy wife.

C Anderson said...

"Trust me. There's never enough snuggling time. Never."


And to think that when he returns from his 110 day patrol, I won't be here. Haha!

Just a Girl in a Port said...


Don't think I'm knocking it in a personal manner. It's just not my thing. DH used to try to pull it with me and I wasn't having it.

You guys were/are in a unique situation with your dual active duty stint though. I imagine I might feel differently if I were in your shoes.