Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goodness. It's quiet around here.

Well everyone must be busy with the long-weekend for Columbus Day behind us and Halloween coming up soon. Maybe it's the chill in the air, in most places or the foliage that has us distracted. Of course, I know our ladies in the South, Cali and way up North in Alaska are probably enjoying different weather. How goes it in your neck of the woods? Remember, it's still hurricane season, so brush up on the tips posted earlier this season by Amber and Mary on our blog, especially if you are in a hurricane prone area.

I have been swamped with work of all types lately. Rather than bore you with all of that though, I will say I am currently enjoying my husband being home. We are looking at him possibly leaving again soon for a short trip, but that is doable. Some of our contributors right now are still enduring some lengthy separations and others are getting ready for deployment time again.

This time of year can make or break the spirit in terms of deployments. With the holidays upon us, we all want our loved ones to be home for the Big Days. You know where you can gorge yourself on turkey and trim the tree and say a toast at midnight. Still, in this life, we know that there will be times that we cannot always be with our Coasties on those most special days. So, many opt to celebrate in different ways and often on different days throughout the year. We make the most of what time we have and try to understand the needs of the Coast Guard. That's just how we roll. :)

Anyone have a unique holiday tradition story to share? What do you do when your loved one is deployed on a Big Day?

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C Anderson said...

Last Christmas, my beloved had duty on Christmas Day. My sister and her SO joined us for the holiday, and we celebrated a traditional gift opening and dinner on Christmas eve. As Brad left for work, I roused our guests on Christmas morn and set off for the DC Jewish Community Center, who organize droves of volunteers for a day of service. We met up with our assigned group and visited a local state hospital for the terminally ill. Singing non-religious Christmas Carols completely off key and handing out gifts to these patients was one of the best memories I have off holidays-past. I hope to spread that kind of spirit here in AK-- and wherever the USCG sends us.