Sunday, January 4, 2009

Orders, orders, who has orders?

There are many of us in the midst of receiving and awaiting orders as I type this. My man is not one of them. However, I figured I'd blog about it. Why not? Right.

Frantically searching for information on schools, neighborhoods, area crime stats and job markets. It wasn't that long ago that dream sheets were drawn up with anticipation, excitement and hope for a new adventure. Now, the waiting is upon us. The l-o-n-g waiting process. Susie and Johnny have orders and already picked out a house. Why not us? Grumble, grumble, gripe, moan...

Oh, I have been there. How,I have been there.

We have had at least one interesting PCS season story, if not more. I'll be somewhat brief to spare you my babbling. One year we were all set with orders to a particular cutter. In fact, the man in blue was ecstatic. He knew the majority of the crew, had sailed on the ship (TDY) once before and there was a whole slew of other positives surrounding the orders. Pipelined and raring to go, things changed in a flash. Though that's no surprise to most seasoned Coast Guard families, it was a big blow to us. Alright, it was not tragic. Nonetheless, it was not a super desirable situation. The AO ended up giving the man in blue's orders to another CG member and switched my man's cutter. At the time, we were bitter and angry. Yep, me, I was actually angry about the cards we were dealt.

You know how the proverbial they say things happen for a reason? They are right. Well, in most cases anyway. We didn't know it then, but the AO switching my man's orders were one of the best things that could have happened for his career. He gained so much from the new position in the way of experience and leadership. I will admit the situation overall was far from easy, but now, looking back, it was really a great thing to have had happen.

So, as I see other spouses going bonkers about pending and possible orders right now as well as change of plan situations, I reminisce. Surely, I probably won't be this nostalgic and optimistic if I had to endure this situation again. Hey, I'm only human. Still, I am a bit wiser and know that even if things seem crappy from the get-go there is quite possibly an upside to the situation. Remind me of this blog post when I start freaking out next year.



Flo said...

Things do eventually happen for the best :) I literally cried for several hours when Brian was re-stationed in Alameda. To my credit, we were stuck in a car driving six hours when the call came in, but it was still pretty melodramatic. ;)

Eventually, I sucked up my resentment and decided to attend grad school to pass the time. It may not be my ideal situation, but it is certainly opening new doors. Thanks for the reminder that orders are really what you make of them, and they can turn out well!

C Anderson said...

You know the planner that I am: I already have the next 6+ months planned with work trips, visiting relatives and friends, holiday wkends with my beloved, and even my attack plan for fishing season (shout out to Becca).

And on my calendar is October/November, when this household begins the Dreamsheet arm wrestle. Except this time: I wonder if he'll be in port to wrestle, or if we'll have to do it over email?

JulieAnn and the Captain said...

That's a good reminder for me as we're trying to figure out what to put on our dreamsheet still...