Saturday, February 14, 2009

Coastie Baby!

A new baby will be joining this Coast Guard family in about 8-9 months. Oh, wait, not mine. No, no, I have enough of those tiny creatures.

I am talking about a dear friend of mine. Of course, she has not yet made the news public, so I can only speak vaguely. Still, I am uber-excited for her and her husband. They have been close friends of ours for quite some time. My man in blue has served with her man at two units now and they have a great relationship.

Anyway, I am tickled pink (or blue) for them.

So, what to get a new Coastie baby? I suppose the first thing would be to figure out where the baby will be born. Yes, they are in fact awaiting orders. So, no one knows where they will end up next. I wish and hope they can stay in an area close to us so I can be there to greet the bundle of joy in his or her first few weeks. Though, I know she would prefer to be near her family when the baby arrives.

I was lucky enough to be within 3 hours of my family when I had each of my children. I know not many can say that. In fact, I have friends who have given birth all over the map. What a neat thing to explain to your children as they get older. It gives some additional uniqueness to know they possibly each have their own state that they were born in.

Alright, moms out there, how many Coastie babies do you have and how many different states have you given birth in. Let us see how much of the map we can cover.


Mary said...

Let's see...

Our oldest was made in Florida, cooked in Boston and finally delivered out on Cape Cod. (Yup, it's thrilling to PCS 37 weeks pregnant, even if it is just 2 hours or so away.)

Middle child was made somewhere across the country (PCS baby) and delivered in Kodiak.

Youngest is boring - made and delivered in Kodiak.


Cute topic. Congrats to the new mother-to-be.

Cirrus said...

I'll play...DS was made and baked in Alaska, and then was born in Seaside, Oregon. (PCS'd at 33 weeks. That was fun.) DD was made, is baking, and will most likely be born in Humboldt County, CA.

(A Little) Gris Gris said...

In a strange twist of events, our first will be born in Maryland, just over an hour from my family and from where I was born.

C Anderson said...

From the mom of the furbaby: aptly named after his home town, Tok, Alaska. The pitter patter of four fuzzy feet keep me going enough to avoid "baking" for a while...

Love to the mommies!

Coastie Family said...

How fun, even though mine pretty boring. 1st and 2nd DS were baked, cooked and born in Newport, OR. Hopefully I will come in NH before we leave but only time will tell.

Congrats to the new parents!!!!!!

Brie said...

I moved while pregnant with both of my girls. Both moves were just bc we wanted to move not bc the CG moved us. My first was made in Ct and then we moved back to NY where we were from. And my second was made in an apartment in MD but by the time she was born we had bought a house in a different town in Md