Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuggin' at the ole heartstrings.

One of my daughters was looking at some photos tonight, which featured my man in blue in uniform, a cutter he was once stationed on and other similar photos.

She broke out into a melancholy song and here are some of the words in as much order as I could capture:

You always go away but I still love you
Your the father that I can never forget
Because the only Coast Guard guy I know is my father
When he goes out on the boat, I always make him a welcome sign
I love you more then I love you the best

(Disclaimer, all teary eyes aside, she knows many more Coasties, and yes, that was all improvised, I couldn't catch it all, and I did giggle a bit. I was typing this as she serenaded her Daddy).

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Brie said...

Thats so sweet.