Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mrs. Fix-it

How many of us get more done when our spouses get underway?

Sounds mean, I know. But truthfully, the amount of chores, fixes, and projects that I am able to complete is amazing. I have more time to myself, am able to chose what I want to improve on our new home, and complete it on my own pace-- with girlie independent films on in the background.

Of course, there is some discussion. I send him an email letting him know what I have done, what I have bought, with which account I bought it. Rarely do I receive a response; although, sometimes, he asks for a picture to see what it looks like.

Despite all this freedom, I do miss having another set of hands around to help me. I would adore to holler out and say, "Hey, can you help me lift this?" or "Out in the garage, in the toolbox, there is another do-hickey. Can you bring it to me?"

Now that I have ultimate possession of the TV remote, turning off HGTV has been an issue. It gives me some great ideas...

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Just a Girl in a Port said...

Great timing! I was just writing something on a similar subject yesterday. They are gone and things fall into place (for most of us). No testerone around to mess it up. ;)