Monday, April 27, 2009

Superhero Extraordinaire

My husband is amazing. He is a wonderful father and loving husband. He is a man's man, who keeps his word and lends a hand where needed. He does not wear a cape, but he can wear the heck out of a uniform and make a girl blush.

When we first met, my husband told me he would be getting out of the Coast Guard. He had his mind made up. He thought perhaps a police or fire department would be a better fit for him. Luckily for the Coast Guard he decided to reenlist. Now, he is at the point where getting out would seem silly to most. You know how that is, once you hit 10 years, it just makes sense to stay in.

What is so remarkable to me is the fact that not only did my man in blue opt to reenlist time and again, but he also revamped his career. His outlook has completely changed. He matured along the way and more than I think he even expected. His priorities changed, and he now sees the Coast Guard in a much different light. What once was a job is now an adventure, a career, a life. And, he is living it up, making a difference and impacting lives.

I am certainly biased. I would not have married the man, if I did not see promise and hope in him. Still, the accolades he receives for jobs well done; the reputation he has with his shipmates and other units; and even the assistance he gives to others when it's not his job, reminds me that he is extraordinary. He doesn't have to go above and beyond, but he does. He does so much more than he probably even saw himself doing years back within the Coast Guard and the community.

The Coast Guard has been a terrific vehicle for my love to come into his own. And, he certainly has. I know a number of folks would agree with me. In his line of work, he is a go-to-guy. His expertise is sought out frequently up and down the seaboard and even through some of the schools. Now, that is something to be proud of! Still, he does his job with the same work ethic each and every day and reaches out to assist those in need when he can. To him, that's all part of being a Coast Guardsman and good guy.

I just wanted to say a little something about this man that makes me so proud each and every day, doing what he loves. His unit has thanked him with recognition, and I just wanted to do the same. I am honored to be married to a superhero.

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Amber said...

BZ to your man in blue, and to you for being his biggest fan!