Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gift Giving

Looking for a birthday or holiday gift for your favorite Coastie Kid? Here are some items I thought I’d pass along:
Lego CG Helicopter
Coast Guard Monopoly
Coast Guard Rescue Set
Coast Guard Matchbox Hero Set
CG Mack Truck & Container

And, for the little kid/teen who dreams of growing up to become a member of this elite sea-going service (pardon the very abbreviated enlisted rate list, and sarcasm; it’s my *sad* attempt to be humorous). These items are sure to get them prepared.

Maybe… if I’m brave one day I will share with you my tongue-in-cheek list of gifts for certain career paths/ranks. Maybe.


The FlyingFish said...

I snorted when I opened the ET/OS one... too funny!

Amber said...

You are a goose! The OS one should have been Call of Duty, not D&D. Er, or so I've heard. *snort*

Just a Girl in a Port said...

LOL, I'll get on that change Amber!