Thursday, June 25, 2009


You have probably heard the groans and complaints from some, or maybe even have made some yourself, about the now well-known Military One Source and how CG members are not able to benefit from the program. Look no further, services do exist and you do not need to go through Military OneSource for them. The CG is not forgotten or overlooked. You just have to know where to look.

Military OneSource explains that their benefits are solely intended for members of the DOD and their dependents. As Coast Guard members fall under the Department of Homeland Security, they are not eligible to use Military OneSource. However, CG members and their families should know that the CG does have programs in place to assist its members. These include EAP, WorkLife and your local education office, among many other benefits. Members may not be fully aware of the benefits immediately available to them and are encouraged to speak to their supervisors to find out more ways the CG helps take care of its own. Additionally, Tricare offers various programs for CG members including things like tobacco cessation and weight management programs. Additionally, CG legal is available to help in certain situations, but keep in mind that does not include all legal matters.

Another private corporation also exists for the benefit of CG members’ families, known as Coast Guard Family Organization, Inc. (“CGFO”). Currently, CGFO offers assistance in the areas of financial counseling, educational services, scholarships and grant programs as well as family outreach, including, but not limited to mentoring in fostering and adoption matters. CGFO is continuously looking for ways to improve and expand their services. Dependents may wish to contact CGFO to determine what service(s) best serve their needs. Professionals, various field experts, counselors and attorneys, social workers, etc. who wish to volunteer their time to benefit CG families and spouses through CGFO are invited to contact them. For more information on the organization, what they assist with, how to help or to donate, visit:

Additionally, there are other groups out there that exist for CG members and their families. If you have one you wish to share, please post it here in our comments to make our readers aware.