Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dog Days....making way for PCS 2010 craziness

The summer is still here, but with the rush of students to school and fall on the horizon, we are clinging on. Well, at least I am.

With excitement and anxiety, I know that this could be my last summer at our current location for awhile anyway. That's right folks, PCS 2010 is our year! Yikes! I should note that I have never done a household PCS. I have only done a small DITY move once upon a time pre-children/pre-marriage/pre-hubby. In his multiple tours thus far, DH and I have been fortunate to stay relatively close to the same area, that his orders didn't warrant your typical PCS move. I'll leave it at that so I don't have virtual eggs of jealousy thrown at me.

I have said "I want to go", "Let's see the world", "Travel is for me" so many times that it may finally become a reality. However, as we all know, hurry up and wait hasn't even set in yet. We will soon see cuts come down for rates. Following that or possibly simultaneously, shopping lists will be published for the members. Then, it will be crunch time for research and on one little piece of paper (or computer screen if you will) shall reside our top picks. Will we get what we want? Will priority hinder us? Will seniority or junior rank be an issue? What about schools for the kids? How about a job for me?

The most important question, what beach will I get to enjoy? :)

So, since this year is going to be a whirlwind for me, I'll try to update more often to share with you all of the ebb and flow excitement. Stay tuned...for my camrades are sure to poke fun at me. And, I promise I will try to laugh at myself and not pull all of my hair out. Key word: try.


JulieAnn said...

Oh the joys...

Here's to hoping it goes well and you get the best you can imagine in all aspects :)

Preppy Coastee said...

I PCS next summer too! I feel your pain! Aaah so many decisions!