Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The next day.

There was no news.

I did, however, get a frantic email from a dear friend, wanting to know the scoop. I was floored because outside of writing on this blog (incognito of course) I didn't share the information with anyone (okay, my mom doesn't count). I was so confused when I got the email. Of course, I soon realized, thanks to her admission that she stalks this blog. Yay! I love readers, especially friends who read the gibberish I write and the wonderful posts of my fellow contributing writers (come out wherever you are ladies).

Back on the subject....

I totally didn't expect any news today. These AOs are busy folks. They have a lot to deal with and a lot of decisions to make. I do not envy them; however, I pray for their sanity and gentle assigning :).

On another note, the man in blue will be off again soon. That's right, my temporarily land-locked Coastie will be venturing away from homeport soon. He found out at lunchtime again today. I'm started to sense a trend here.

So, the kids are a little unhappy. Scratch that, they are really mad. If they think that's bad--wait 'til the PCS orders are cut, I think my oldest may actually try to be adopted into a different family just to stay here.

Until next time. I have a feeling my posts are going to pretty frequent--to keep my sanity, of course.


Amber said...

Friend, you and I need to catch each other on the phone soon. Sorry I've been incognito. Once I can put words together, I'll be making a post. Promise.

To being in the same time zone at least? Maybe? Hopefully? Okay...

How about, "To all living in PCS 2010 limbo."

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Hugs, I know you've been dealing with a lot. No need to come out of hiding yet. Take all the time you need.

And, I'm not saying a word, until we have real, live, yup you're official, orders. :)