Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So much to do!

We got the official word! Yep, the man in blue received his message CGHRMS or whatever telling us where we are headed. I know, I know, we've known for over a week, but NOW it's far more real.

I'm going to find out about listing the house tomorrow and moving ahead with that piece. It's pretty bittersweet. We are not super attached to this place, but it was our starter home and the home we've spent most of our time as a family in so far. Before, we bounced around from condos to apartments and the man in blue was often underway. So, this has been 'home' to us.

If we cannot sell, we will try to rent. That's both scary and exciting. The word 'landlord' conjures up an image of a worried crazy person chasing down rent from an unruly tenant (okay, that's a bit much, but it happens). Our friends (yes they were a CG family) had a really bad experience last year when they were renting out there home. I really don't want to find ourselves in that situation. There renter worked them over good and they are good, no, GREAT, people. It was really unfortunate and made me really second-guess this next step for us. The good news is, there situation turned around thanks to their working together and making sacrifices, they found a resolution to their problem. Sadly though, they were out a lot of money and another CG family that was line up for the house was put in a bad spot too. :(

I'm trying to be optimistic though. We are elated to hear that the man in blue doesn't need to attend any pipeline training. Apparently, he has all the schools he needs for his next cutter, which is huge! That means more time at home with us before everything changes again.

We have a report date too, but that may change depending on our oldest child's school release date. She wants to stay forever, of course.

Yes, we told the kids. The oldest is really the only one who "gets" it. She held back tears when she heard. I was really proud of her for trying to be strong about it, but really it's a lot for a kid to take. They have so many emotions about moving and whether or not they will make new friends at a tender age, that it's heart-wrenching sometimes. Of course, if the man in blue retires as he wishes (before I had/have planned, hee - hee), she won't have to endure the moves through high school because he'll be retired by then.

Alright, that's all for tonight I guess. Just lots on my mind and so much excitement and anxiety in our house lately. It's time for a vacation.

Oh, yeah, I'm going on one soon.......more on that later.

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