Friday, November 20, 2009

Military Spouse of the Year - wrapping up the nominations

As I type this there are a mere four hours left in the nominating period for MSOY!

The Coast Guard Spouse list started small, but blossomed in the past week in a half. It's wonderful to see all of the phenomenal nominees listed. So many well deserving spouses who don't often get the recognition for their community service, good deeds and altruism.

In the spirit of recognizing spouses, I just want to say a quick thank you here to the wonderful ladies who make this blog possible. They are not only my fellow contributing writers, but they have become my friends, advisors, teachers, consolers, and personal cheerleaders. Not many of our readers know this, but you each have amazing bios that go beyond what you will see here on the site. Folks, these women are passionate, intelligent, dedicated and driven. I must say, that is quite common among Coast Guard spouses and are fellow military spouses of other branches. We have a determination within us to give back; a desire to reach out; and a spirit of loyalty to our families, spouses, and the military community. Gosh, just writing that warms my heart.

I am eager to see what the MSOY contest brings this year and to read the branch finalists' information in January when voting opens up. Until then, I will say thank you to all of you who make me so proud to say I am a Coast Guard spouse.

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