Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pay it Foward

Raised by a Southern mama, I was taught to always "bring food." Regardless of the occassion- funeral, cocktail hour, party, or otherwise- in invitation to any gathering always left my mom standing at the fridge door, hand on hip, wondering what to whip up, place in the requisite Tupperware Party container and head off.

To this day, I uphold this tradition - although with a modern twist. With my current residence on an island in Alaska, I am geographically separated from loved ones. For all occassions, I try to send those lovely fruit arrangements or call a catering company to deliver food to a wake for a beloved's passing. If I cannot be there in person to celebrate, reflect, or pay respects, at least there is food!

Thanks to the connections of facebook, I learned of a friend in need. Having the desire to board a plane and race to the rescue, instead, I researched local catering companies. With pleasure I ordered a dinner for the family to enjoy; thus, giveingthe pizza delivery guy a break.

A hearty thanks was returned, which was warmly received with a request to "pay it forward." The next time you learn of a friend in need, help them. It only took a few minutes for me to locate a vendor, scroll through the menu, and call them, armed with my VISA. I can only hope that if I am ever in such a position, someone will be there to help me. Afterall, what is our community for?

Pay it forward.

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Amber said...

And I will tell you that "Thanks" does not even cover my gratitude. The relief of not having to worry about a meal is so huge during that crazy part of my family's life.

A blog will be following soon to try to document the saga that seems to be ever present. In the meantime, I am sending hugs and a giant thank you your way. God bless the power of Facebook, and the generosity of our Coast Guard family.