Monday, February 1, 2010

All PCS, All the Time!

In keeping with the current theme, I'm going to share some of my current PCS angst. (Because it is just too darned fun to keep to myself!)

This is a weird PCS for us. Okay, who am I kidding? They're all weird PCS's. But, this one is really odd. We found out earlier then ever where Jon was headed, his number one pick in fact (thank you, Mr. Detailer). And we already own a home, so we know where the kids and I are headed, so that was a usual layer of stress gone. We're in housing at our current unit, so there's another layer of stress gone. So, what's all the fuss about you may be asking?

I guess it is easiest to narrow it down to two things; the dreaded GEO tour and never moving again. As GEO's go, we're barely even in the ball park. The boat is only 2.5 hours from home, heck I've heard nightmare stories about people commuting that far! (Not something I'd ever consider, that's for sure!) But, it's an easy home every weekend kind of thing. But, mixed in with that GEO is the mere fact of 6 months underway....ugh. I get overwhelmed just trying to imagine the sheer number of appliances that can fail in a 6 month period, how many body parts our accident prone daughter could require stitches or casts on, how many times I'll have to put myself in time out, how many times I'll want to call him and tell him something absolutely hilarious but I won't be able get the general idea, right? But, we're not the first, we won't be the last. There will be the sage advice of those who have gone before and those just entering the world of long underway schedules to help remind me that I won't be the only one playing Mom AND Dad for half the year.

So, what about that never moving again thing? Well, let me tell you, and if I hear any snickering out there I promise I will never bare my soul to you again. I'm a little freaked out by the prospect of never moving. Okay, I'm more then a little freaked out. I've got my dream home. No seriously, this is my dream home. It is everything I've ever dreamed of. I go there and I feel "at home." But, what if I get the PCS itch in 3 years? Let's face it, moving is like a hobby for me now. What if I miss it? I mean, never in my entire adult life have I lived anywhere longer then 3 years and 7 months. I have used my short tenure as both an excuse to not become involved in my community and as excuse to extricate myself from overwhelming involvement. That's not a very pretty thing to admit. But, what if I can't figure out how to live like a "normal person" in a normal (non-Coast Guard or military housing area) community, one with stability? I think about our youngest who will be starting kindergarten next year, and about how she will graduate from high school with many of those same kids. That is a long time in one place.

You see, my stress level is totally different than it has been for any other move we've ever made. Completely. But, it almost feels like this one is the most important. It's the last one we'll make. There's a country song that talks about the "last first kiss" and you know it's kind of like that; will I look back on this move fondly in the years to come or will I gnash my teeth and wish I could have a do-over?

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