Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home ~ sweet ~ Hotel?

With PCS season, we know with great certainty that we will be living in hotels. Yes, many, many hotels. It may be for a stretch of a few nights - for us, it'll be a week here and there to start off; and then, nightly as we make our way to our next home.

Packout - eek! Don't even get me started. What to ship? What to cart? What are necessities? No need to answer, I know. I'm just having mild freak outs every few minutes! Air mattresses--shoot. I haven't purchased those yet. I have to do that still. It may not be a necessary for most, but for us a requirement given our situation. We will be without our bed (boy, what a glorious bed) and my children without theirs for roughly 30 days and the first few will be in an empty house on one end and the last few will be in an empty house on the other end. I know 30 days without your own bed is a drop in the bucket for most of you. I really do know, but you have to see (no, FEEL it) my bed! The man in blue did really good when he picked that out. Ha ha. And, yes, I admit my grammar has been lacking as of late. Don't chastise me. I am a nervous wreck. AND, I'm still working more hours than ever. It's as if giving my notice meant quick give me as much work as you can before I leave. Yep that AND juggling kids' recitals, work schedules, doctor's appointments, house appointments, family gatherings, and so on and so on. I think I'm entitled to be a little nutso right now.

I know you are there too. You seasoned and not so seasoned spouses who itch to move and get really excited for PCS season only to freak out when its upon you. It's okay. Just breathe. Not all of us are as organized as some (ahem, Red).

No worries though --- PCS season will come and PCS season will go. In a few months, I will be sitting back with my feet kicked up enjoying the vacation that is on the horizon. My 3 year vacation. That's right my friends. I said vac-a---------wait a minute. My kids have to come and so does my husband. Ah, hell, it's just life as we know it moved clear across the map with a bit different weather and some different eats. Who am I kidding?


C Anderson said...

Breath. It's going to be alright. Even if you have to take the kids and hubby with you on the mini vacation, you'll have a grand time. And as for organizing, I actually closed some of the doors in the house for the first time yesterday, only to find an ironing board behind one and a mirror behind another. Sigh. So much for my list.

Amber said...

Hello lovely! I'm a new follower from the milspouse hop.

PCS season...gotta love that! Gesh...I don't think nobody loves that...BLECK! Good luck!

My blog is called, Goodnight moon. See ya there!

Sarah said...

Following your blog via the MilSpouse Blog Hop! I look forward to reading more!

Kathryn said...

Cute blog! Just stopping by from the blog hop! :) Have a great day!