Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What do you refer to your spouse as, when talking to others?

The Coast Guard is intrigued apparently. Maybe they don't necessarily want to hear your pet names for your loved one (or maybe they do, that's not my business). Maybe they don't want to know what your spouses' friends call him or her. What they do want to know is what the folks in blue should be called.

Many of us refer to our spouses (or even ourselves if we are currently in the CG) as "Coasties". More common know is to hear that "Guardians" are emerging from boot camp ready to fight the war on terror, protect our coasts and interdict drug smugglers.

What should they be called going forward? What is the popular term used? What is the meaning and tradition behind certain terms?

SEND YOUR SPOUSE over to the SURVEY and let them have their say. The DHS Leadership Development Center is collecting this information. Ultimately, they are seeking to answer one question, or one phrase, rather:

"Every member of the U.S. Coast Guard is a ..... "

My favorite choices are: Coastie (of course) and Maritime Agent.

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Peter A. Stinson said...

Timely post.

I'm not sure the question is what do we call each other, but what do we want to be called. I'm thinking it's the proper noun in the New York Times. You know, they write about Marines, but they write about guardsmen. What's up with that. Let's be proactive and decide what proper noun we want to be.

As cheesy as it is, I'm leaning toward Guardian.