Sunday, July 18, 2010


Here is where it begins. The immediate weeks after your PCS has come to a screeching halt. That is when you begin to long for your next PCS. Well, maybe not for everyone. The travel is usually the fun part. You were more likely to visit exciting and perhaps not so exciting places if you drove between stations. Of course, if you flew or ferried or a combination of both, I suppose you likely could have enjoyed an extraordinary experience as well. The point is, when it is all over and you are settling into your new home, you may have thoughts about where you are headed off to next. At least I am right now.

Before we left the east coast, the kids and I did a beach trip. I cannot even describe in words how much I love Maine. I miss it already. I knew that was going to happen. So, I made it a point to visit not knowing when we would head back there. Of course, with the Coast Guard having units there, there is always a possibility we could see it before long.

We did get a chance to visit some incredible places on our PCS journey though. And, it is always nice to broaden travel horizons. We may not be close to our favorite places any more, but we were fortunate to see some intriguing and breathtaking things.
The Needles

Mt. Rushmore, of course
Bison at Wind Cave National Park

National Cemetery at the Battle of Little Big Horn battlefield.

While I am already thinking of possible next duty stations, I'm also contemplating the PCS travel possibilities. What didn't we get a chance to see this time that we want to see next? What is off the beaten path? Where will we have our breath taken away, again, as we did so many times on our recent trip? I'm giddy just imagining it. 

For now, I'll unpack some more boxes. I will bloom here and enjoy the heck out of our new digs.  I will make friends and take photos and make memories for our children. The man in blue, well I hope he enjoys his new job and all that it has to offer. He did just call home a bit again to tell me he is pleased with what he sees so far. Of course, I'd prefer to have him by my side, but duty calls. And, at least I can have the remote to myself again, for a little while.


Amber said...

I loved all the pictures! We will also be making a coast to coast move soon. I am really looking forward to going to fun little pit stops to find some awesome off the path stops. Isn't that the best part!

Happy unpacking!

Amber said...

Those pictures are gorgeous, and I haven't gotten a chance to visit the places along that route. Maybe we'll have a NE to NW transfer along the line sometime. I am so happy you guys got to see so much of our nation's beauty, and that you're getting settled.

devin and chianne said...

Wow, I know exactly where that second to last picture is taken. Are you stationed close to there (maybe we are neighbors?? lol) or was that just "along the way"?