Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Scrapping Coast Guard Memories

My memories are just that, mine. My husband’s may be the polar opposite of mine. So, then why on earth am I going to scrap his CG memories? Well, partly because he will never do it and also because it will be a great keepsake for our family. I guess many of the memories are mine too; I have been along for the ride for awhile now. Alright, so it will be our CG memories.

I have begun interrogating him about dates and faces that I don’t know. Still, I’m having a hard time starting to put it all together. I guess in a sense I’m hesitant because to me putting an album together has been after the fact. There is some finality to it. I know that sounds silly. Of course, I know it would be crazy for me to wait until he retires. By then, dates and faces may escape both of us. Right now, we have things fresh in our memories (for the most part). The best part about this process is looking back on how far he’s come and what he has accomplished. Sometimes he says "it's just a job", but his pride in his work and the friends he has made over the years, among many other things, demonstrate to me that deep down it means more than he will ever let on.

I’m a bit of a dreamer and far less practical than my husband at times, and I look at our life in the military as an adventure. In fact, many spouses will tell you the same thing. Where your average mother might want to be rooted in one place and raise her kids in the traditions she was raised, I want to enjoy this ride to the fullest and expose my family to things (cultures, different climates, etc.) That being said, we, unintentionally, seem to keep ending up in the same region. Thus far, we've had fantastic experiences and met some amazing people, but I’m itching to experience more. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though that the future will bring travels well worthy of scrapping. Here’s to new faces and new places!


Lainy said...

Happy Scrappin!
I started Jon's CG album a few years ago and haven't gotten terribly far. It's just too daunting to think of the 4 HUGE tubs of stuff to get into albums.
I had to giggle at the mental image if him scrapping...now THAT would be funny!

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Yeah, I can so see my husband scrappin'. Not quite! I usually get the big ole eye roll if I mention anything about scrappin' or a craft store.

And, on the 4 tubs, you've got me beat. At least I've only got about 1 1/2 bins to work with. DH has thrown out so much stuff since we bought the house (he hates clutter). I could kill him. He doesn't see the importance. Now, I have eyes rolling for him. LOL