Friday, July 25, 2008

Skills and books and legs: Oh My!

Hey spouses: get those skills!

I expect that by now, many of you have either heard of or started to take advantage of the new (to spouses anyway) Skillsoft Training System. The Coast Guard has now made this training available to spouses and dependents of active duty AND reserve personnel. (Thanks CG!)
The training is conducted and completed in an online format and is self-paced. There are many courses to choose from accounting to compliance and even HR. Another bonus to this training is that online books are available to assist you in your studies and broaden your knowledge base in a number of areas. And, yes, you it appears that you can get college credit for some courses through certain colleges/universities. You'll see that once you are in the system and start to review the catalog and plan your studies.

Read the complete message: ALCOAST 164/08

How do you get started?

The first thing you need to do is request a user ID via the internet. You will need to visit the following website: Click on “Skillsoft for Spouses” in the middle of the page. Complete the “New User Registration Form”.

What happens next?

Your eligibility will be confirmed and you will receive an email confirmation.

*** Wait there’s more ***

Oh, and even greater news, spouses can get their sea legs. No, no, no, it’s not the unshaven forest your legs become when your spouse is underway, rather, it’s a great resource for spouses and families. Take a gander, if you get a chance.

Per, MCPOCG Skip Bowen:

This is an information booklet for new spouses. It is meant to provide a quick reference guide for new spouses and family regarding life in the Coast Guard. It is not meant to replace the "Spouses Handbook" maintained by the Work Life Program. This is simply meant to be an easy to understand reference guide for new spouses/families. This booklet is a modified version of the Navy "Sea Legs" publication that is provided to all new Navy families. I intend to seek funding to print booklets for distribution to new spouses at ID card issuing facilities and accession points. Meanwhile, "Sea Legs" will be located on the Coast Guard web site under "Spouses and Family."
Vr MCPOCG Skip Bowen


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