Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thank you USCG

Thank you for being a fairly family-friendly service. Thank you for giving me my husband when I need him. I know that doesn't always happen, and I've had my share of gripes when you took precedence over some things in my life, but lately, well lately you rock.

That's right folks. I said it. I'm grateful, like so many of you, for what the Coast Guard allows and provides for my family. A lot of you have given thanks lately, so I wanted to chime in too.

I started a new job a couple of months ago. As such I am on your typical probationary period. So, they tend to frown upon you asking for things, like days off, times to leave early etc. Still, with children, sometimes a mother has no choice. Things come up. Children get sick, schools close for a day, and what have you. I have been very fortunate though. While it could be due the man in blue's current position, I must still say I'm so thankful. He has been able to take off for illnesses, doctor's appointments and closed school days. Had he not been able to, I might have lost my job by now. Heck, with three kids, a lot can happen even in just a week's time.

So, I'm rambling. I know. What I am getting at is that I'm just a really happy gal right now. I can only hope this continues for awhile so I can continue to see the CG in a brilliantly positive light. ;)

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FoxFamilyFive said...

I definitely have to second that. When I recently thanked my husband's Chief for supporting our family so generously he said "It's the least we could do." I quickly pointed out to him that the same wouldn't happen in most civilian jobs and we hadn't even always had that experience with past commands. It was extremely important to me that they know how truly thankful I was/am for that gift.

It truly is refreshing to hear a spouse praising the CG for family support. You just don't hear it very often...but,our experience has been extremely positive. Thank you.