Sunday, January 11, 2009

"I don't want daddy to leave."

My kids were born into this fluctuating CG life. They really don't know much else. Accept for the fact that awhile back daddy was gone all the time and now he's home more often than not. When discussing the possibility of moving next year with our children, the subject of another cutter came up, not surprisingly. While it would be advantageous for numerous reasons for the man in blue to go back to a cutter, my eldest child was less than thrilled. To be honest, she was devastated.

I was actually surprised by her tears. She knows her daddy travels. She used to be so accustomed to it that when he did come home it threw her schedule completely off and she just as soon would have had it be her and mommy again. Anyway, now that she is getting older and more cognizant of her father's job and how far away he could go and for how long the separation might be--she is troubled by it far more easily.

The little ones, well, they are a tad bit more resilient. They are still in the 'go with the flow' years where they just know that at least one of us will always be home with them at night, after school. Their big sister however is sensitive to this and starting to show signs of separation anxiety and we still have a year before we will even see orders let alone possible PCS.

Perhaps we brought it up too soon.


Amber said...

Shoot, I'm just trying to get mine prepared for the next patrol. I'm not even toying with plans for transfer season yet.

Oddly enough, it's my little guy that is more affected by Daddy's departure. The big boy is pretty resilient and go with the flow, for now, anyway.


JulieAnn and the Captain said...

Man, I don't want to deal with that!

I like how you involve your kids in the process though - I bet they appreciate it :)


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